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eCommunities is best described by its namesake, a company that specializes in building electronic communities. From its roots in Bulletin Board Software almost 15 years ago the company has grown in scope embracing newer technologies but always focused on bringing people together. In 2003 it began operating officially as eCommunities.

Since 2003 eCommunities has proceeded on two fronts, both closely related and both invaluable to one another. On one hand eCommunities is a software developer building customized content management solutions for a range of different clients, but we also want to put our software to the test in a very real way. Rather than simply relying on feedback from our clients alone, whose sites still only scratch the surface of ECMS' potential, we developed This site is now blossoming into a network of regional portals and is now one of the larger online area guides in Ontario, providing eCommunities with a real life implementation of ECMS that has to cope with thousands of visitors a day, and even more importantly tens of thousands of content pages.

The synergy of these two models has served us well and both eCommunities and its ECMS product have matured into a robust dynamic combination that will continue to offer leading edge solutions.

The future of eCommunities lies in the further development of its ECMS product along side it's real life website implementations, constantly pushing the envelope of what's to be expected of a content management system.

Please contact us with your website and content management needs, we would be pleased to discuss your specific needs and how we can work with you to meet your goals!

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