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Clevelands House

Natural Attractions

Brydon's Bay Trail

A family friendly trail that wanders through majestic red and white pine and quiet contemplation. Close enough to Lake Muskoka to hear the gulls but also to observe the many woodland creatures.
This trail is a point of land, jutting into Brydon's Bay. T/nAn easy 2.3 km loop, this trail consists of natural surface and wood chip. An excellent trail for hiking and mountain biking as well as snowshoeing in the winter./nFrom the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre on Winewood Ave. in Gravenhurst, proceed 2.5 kms on Muskoka Beach Rd. and turn left on to Brydon's Bay Rd. Continue a further 2.3 km and turn left on to Old Portage Rd. Parking is available along the roadside.

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Old Portage Rd.
Gravenhurst, ON

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