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Clevelands House

Natural Attractions

Hahne Farm Trail

The heady perfume of sunbaked pine needles, fern, birch groves, wild mushrooms and sumach… all this and more on a series of loops that traverse a mix of hard and soft wood forest. Stunning ridge view overlooking a marshland.

This trail, consisting of natural and wood chip surfaces, has loops ranging from 2 - 5 kms. It is used for hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing. Caution: it is important to take care along the ridge walk. Watch footing and be aware of wet or icy surface.

The trail has entrances off Bethune Drive at McDonald's and a separate entrance on Pinedale Road and under the water tower in Pine Ridge. Parking is available under the water tower or along the roadside at other locations.

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Bethune Drive and Pinedale Road
Gravenhurst, ON

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