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Clevelands House

Natural Attractions

Strawberry Point Lookout

This trail consists of two distinct trails - the East and the West. The highlight of the 2.5 km West Trail is the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Muskoka. In the fall, the colours are magnificent. The trail ends at the water's edge after descending a steep section.

The two extensions meander through a vicinity of spruce, birch, young beech, maple, and pine trees. You may catch sight of assorted wildlife including deer, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and chipmunks. There is also and abundance of birds.

There are three access points for this trail system. 1. From Highway 11, exit to Hwy 118 W. Turn left onto Beaumont Dr. The first access is at Kerr Park. The second access is at Henry Rd off of Beaumont Dr. The third access is at Strawberry Bay Rd. Exit 3

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